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a trailer to pull behind my harley
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  1. jnichols3 says:

    Exactly what I did. I removed one leaf spring from each side to soften the ride a little. Why spend $1000 dollars or more for 15 cubic feet, when you can have 18 cubic feet for $250 or less.

  2. vivitar45 says:

    i love your idea

  3. Neil2112 says:

    Great setup Howard!
    Creative and economical, the perfect combination.
    It also looks a good deal lighter and more aerodynamic than a lot of trailers I’ve seen for sale.

  4. Jimmyess333 says:

    After thinking about it, your idea of a hard topper seems better than my original idea. Hope you don’t mind if I use the idea.

  5. Jimmyess333 says:

    Awesome! I just Put a hitch on my 883Sportster and put together the same trailer frame for it for a 1,500 mile trip from PA to TX. I don’t have the hard case but rather a soft bag type car topper to strap to it.

  6. SpockOfRock says:

    How did it work out for you? Can you give us an update? Thx.

  7. mys0ck says:

    good idea saved abunch, i have a sport bike but keep riding :P two wheels rule

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